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Bodybuilding Bench Press Technique

The goal in bodybuilding bench press work is to build up the chest muscles. That is in contrast with the powerlifting movement, where the goal is to lift the most weight possible. And many guys arbitrarily default to the powerlifting style. However, for bodybuilders, the aim is on using the bench press to build a bigger chest. So for a bodybuilder, the difference is getting in a deliberate contraction of the pec muscles and feeling the exercise work the chest. Powerlifters could care less about this aspect of lifting and simply move the weight.

Bodybuilders should use both styles at various times in their training lifting at certain cycles for the most possible weight in the bench press, and at other times with an aim at feeling the pump build in the chest. The bodybuilding style bench press, which creates a chest pump, is higher in repetitions. And it comes as the pumping action creates a certain rhythm.

Getting into a chest working groove is not the only factor in the bench press. Hand placement is another area to switch around. Use a medium grim for most bench pressing, but experiment with a wider grip on occasion as well.

Consider performing much of the bench pressing with your feet up, forcing the chest to do the work without any assistance. Powerlifters use leg power to help them get up more weight but that is not necessarily what you want to do as that increase in the amount lifted comes from the legs, not the chest. And the goal for the bodybuilders is a massive pump (and the ensuing growth) of the chest muscles.

For the best bench pressing sequence, lower the bar under control but fairly quickly to your chest, then press it straight back up. At all times focus on the work the chest muscles are doing. You want the bench press you are performing to maximize the chest contraction. Typically a great pump comes from 6-10 controlled but heavy repetitions.

To help you focus on the chest, deliberately flex your chest muscles between sets and stretch out your chest area as well.

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