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Bodybuilding with Average Genetics

Do you have super genetics? Average? Poor? Odds are that you fall into the average group. Why? That's simply the law of averages – most people fall into the mid-zone. For bodybuilding that translates into starting from the point where most everyone starts. Sure, there are a few guys that are blessed with super genetics, freaks who look as if they have already been training when they haven’t. But it could be worse, too, as there are some guys with poor genetics and have to workout really hard just to look close to average. So if you have average genetics, welcome to the crowd.

The key here is to blast your way out of that crowd. You may have started with average genetics but that doesn’t mean you have to have an average body. There are two difference makers – intensity and training smart. You will need both to rise above the average crowd. And you can do it. Not many are willing to pay the price to lift their body to the upper levels. That requires intensity. But it also requires training smart, including smartly using nutrition to your benefit. And giving rest and recuperation its prime place in the scheme of things.

If you are average (and by is very definition, most of us are) you have to do something beyond average to get out of the average strata. Lots of guys train hard. You have to train harder. You have to train smarter.

One great benefit is to bring to bear the power of consistency. Consistency is a powerful force. That’s because of this large group of average trainees, many won’t continue for the long run. If you do, then you win. You stand out. And you eventually carve out the body you want, which is anything but average.

With average genetics, you can use the typical training regimen in most programs. Again, the one thing you have to do is to crank the intensity up beyond normal. That is, the average program will work for you, but your intensity is what forces the growth. It is the one factor you can bring to the table to change things. So when the program calls for 8 reps on the bench press, use a weight heavy enough so that the final four reps are a real struggle. Most guys go for 1-2 hard reps. If you want to beat the average, double that and get in four hard reps at the end of the set.

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