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Bodybuilding Training Arms Twice a Week

How often should you train your arms? The ideal amount of training to work the arms with is twice a week. Once a week workouts seem to go more toward maintenance than gaining ground, and working them three times a week or more overloads them to a point where they donít grow or even lose ground.

You can get by training some muscle groups once a week. You can blast a big muscle group hard one time a week and see some nice gains. For some reason, however, the arms seem to need to be stimulated twice a week.

Unfortunately some guys go overboard and work the arms more than twice a week. They are enthusiastic about building their arms but do too much. And it is possible to do too much in an attempt to spark growth. Vince Gironda was one of the first trainers to point out this danger, noting that it caused you to lose ground instead of making progress. The arms are small muscle groups and too much stimulation can push them into a point of shock. To shock them on rare occasions is okay but to consistently shock them will result in smaller arms.

A twice a week workout program for the arms lets you try a few different exercises in each session. You donít have to do the same thing each session and can add variety to your workout. Some guys use one session to go heavier and the second to build in a big pump. One workout can be focused on heavy exercises and the second can feature elements like super sets.

If you can set your workout routine up for a twice a week shot at the arms, you are in the ideal zone for getting the best workouts and the best results from your workouts.

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